Tiger Woods reveals his relationship with Rafael Nadal

Tiger Woods finally tells his relationship with the Spaniard Rafael NADAL in the US Open

The American golfer Tiger woods showed up in Rafael Nadal team and supported him,

that let people asking what is the relation between Nadal and Woods.

The American was a fan of Roger Federer and now He’s in the box of Rafael Nadal.

Rafael Nadal reveals his relationship with Tiger Woods Embed from Getty Images

For that, Tiger Woods told what is the relationship between him and Nadal,

He mentioned that it means a lot to him to support Rafael Nadal in his matches.

and He was inspired by him with the way He fights and keeps the work going on.

Woods inspired by Nadal in his sport the golf, and that’s an example for him as well.

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“Watching him on the court always been an example on the golf course, have been an example, a real inspiration for me, no?

Tiger Woods reveals his relationship with Rafael Nadal Embed from Getty Images

Tiger said He’s happy to support and able to watch Rafael Nadal, and He looks forward

to play golf and Tennis together in the future as He wish it to happen.

Rafael Nadal will face the Italian Matteo Berrettini in the S-Finals of The US Open tonight at 23:00 GMT. as the 2nd match on the Arthur Ashe Stadium.

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