Roger Federer responds with ‘Get lost’ to Critics

People criticized Federer for Wimbledon Final loss and He responded to them for what they said.

The epic final in Wimbledon will have a long impact in Tennis fans especially

when Roger Federer missed 2 Championship points on the serve.

during Djokovic match in Cincinnati against Querry, some fans raised some banners.

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Unfortunately the banners We see in football where fans criticize their opponent

They switched to Tennis, where some fans raised banners trolling Federer

for the 40-15 score on Federer serve where He had 2 Championship points.

Federer as a player who has a strong mindset of Tennis and lost many times

then He came back stronger to playing better and better.

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The Swiss commented about this issue and explained his point of view

Federer said that it’s bad when you achieve your dreams and they say you’re

terrible because you did not win so and so, and that’s when sometimes it gets a bit rough.

“All of a sudden you achieve your dream and you have been told you’re terrible because you didn’t win so-and-so,” Federer said

Roger Federer mentioned that you can do the best you can to make yourself proud,

your family, your country whatever it takes to achieve this.

“You’ve got to do what you can do best and make yourself proud, your family, your country, whatever it is.

Talking about the people who criticized Federer, He sent them tough warning

“You’re like, ‘Okay, you know what? Get lost. I don’t care what you say.” Roger said

It’s clear that Federer doesn’t give any value to the people who make these bad things and called them with a ‘Get lost, I don’t care what you say’

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