Roger Federer Press Conference After Norrie’s Match

Roger Federer when his single and double matches finished He created a conference for the tournament, and here is what the world N 3 came up with :
“This was a great start but obviously there’s a long way to go here and in Melbourne, It’s nice I’m feeling as good as I am and played a wonderful match against Cameron.”
“I admire everything she has done both on and off the court, I have always thought how is it to return that serve and go head-to-head with her.”
“It’s very exciting for us. I hope tennis fans tune in and watch it because it’s going to be one time and probably never again in this type of competition.
“I don’t know her that well. I only know her from some champions’ dinners at Wimbledon. We have busy lives and a big entourage, so it’s rare to really deep dive. We can relate to each other more so now, being parents.”


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