Roger Federer Press Conference after Anderson match

After a big match against Anderson, Roger Federer went to make the press conference of the match

Roger mentioned many things from what left and what coming, also the great point He won against Kevin

“I think it’s great for the fans to get them engaged. Some places you need to do a lot of great shots

to get their attention. Sometimes you don’t need much. But these rallies just help to get everybody’s

attention. I think that’s a nice thing. Yeah, that was a funny one. I don’t know. I haven’t played

one like this, I feel, for some time. So that was fun,” 

Federer talked about his next match against Shapovalov and how tough it’ll be for him

“I think he warmed me up for a match in Toronto, I believe, and he came out. He might have

been 16, 17, and, you know, similar to today, he was just hitting big. I was, like, Wow,

it’s unbelievable. How old is he? How good is he gonna get? I don’t know. But he was very impressive.”

“Same with the serve. He has that beautiful swinger going. You know, it just felt like he belonged there.

“Then I watched him play Stefanos Tsitsipas in the Junior Wimbledon, semis or finals,

I don’t remember what it was. But it was during my Wimbledon run too. I don’t remember.

“It was one of those matches where Tsitsipas should have won it, but both great one-handed backhand

already, and, you know, I remember Denis was just going for broke, basically. The more important

it became, the bigger he went. Yeah, big fan of his game, so it’s going to be tough tomorrow.” Federer said

Both players will face tonight at 12:00pm GMT and 7:00 pm Local Time for a place in the final

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