Robin Soderling “Only Djokovic can beat Nadal in Roland Garros”

The runner-up of Roland Garros for 2 consecutive seasons Robin Soderling says Djokovic is the only who is able to beat Nadal

Rafael Nadal and the impossible record of 82-2 win/lose and his 2 losses came

from Robin Soderling in 2009 in the 4th round, and the 2nd loss from Djokovic in 2015 in the Q-Finals

It’s a big record to have a record of only 2 matches lost and 11 titles in a grand Slam

that’s what makes Nadal the King of Roland Garros.

Recently Robin Soderling todl Express sport that Djokovic is the only who can stop Rafa

in Roland Garros because He defeated him many times on clay, and once in Roland Garros

“He’s beaten him many times on clay, beat him once in Paris as well. He’s maybe the only guy right

now that has the chance to stand up against Nadal,” he said.

“He’s not going to beat Nadal on clay like some other players being really aggressive and just hitting winners through Nadal.”

“He can stand up there and beat him physically which maybe he’s the only guy that can actually to do it on clay.”

The French Open is going to be the most difficult Grand Slam grand to win I think.”

“But if he plays his best tennis as he did in Melbourne in the final against Rafa, [where] he just crushed

him then of course he can beat him on clay as well.” Robin added

The last meeting between Rafa and Novak was from another side of what Robin said

where The Spaniard played a big match did not give much chances for the world number 1

to attack him. the tournament is only a few days ahead of us, and will see if that shall prove Soderling’s comments or not.

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