Novak Djokovic “We’re looking forward to seeing Federer on clay”

Novak Djokovic admitted that Tennis missed Federer on the clay Season in his break

The 20 Grand Slam winner will make his first comeback to the French Open after his last appearance

in 2015 since He has the long break from Clay courts season,

Novak Djokovic is expecting him to perform high even not playing for long in the red ground

“He is who he is, so you always expect highest from him. I mean, I thought tennis was missing him

definitely on clay last year. Personally, I think most of the people understood why he decided

to skip the clay court season last year, and I also understand why he wants to play.

Definitely for our sport it’s better that he plays. We’re looking forward to seeing [Federer].”

“I mean, he’s been playing some great tennis lately. You know, Indian Wells, Miami, he’s won two out of three.

“Played finals, Indian Wells. It’s as good as it gets.“ Djokovic told Metro

Roger Federer will make his 1st return in Madrid after 3 weeks then expected to be

playing the 2nd Slam of the year in Paris

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