John McEnroe not happy with Nadal complain over Federer

John McEnroe reveals is not happy with Nadal complain over Federer about the Wimbledon seeding system

Roger Federer was set to be in the 2nd seed for Wimbledon after He won Halle title

that caused to take Rafael Nadal to the 3rd seed, which means Nadal will have

to face one of Federer or Djokovic in the S-Finals to win the title.

The Spaniard was not happy at all with Wimbledon ranking process and critizied them

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The Tennis legend John McEnroe attached himself in this issue and expressed his opinion

that Nadal doesn’t need to complain about Federer in the ranking system of Wimbledon

to clarify, McEnroe had an interview with, and He commented about this problem

“Well, it would be hard for him to really complain too much about Federer going ahead of him,

“considering what his record is at Wimbledon, But it could it makes it where potentially

“He would have to he’d still potentially have to play two of them.” John said

“Maybe if Nadal was the seed N 2 and Federer were on the other half, he’d only have to play

one of them is what he’s thinking. So I get it, from both sides.” McEnroe added

John McEnroe was clearly expressed that He’s not happy with Nadal complain over Federer

Above all, It’s the rules of Wimbledon and it has its own traditions and no one can make any changes for his benefits.