John McEnroe gives verdict on Federer’s performance

John McEnroe gives verdict on Roger Federer’s performance against Rafael Nadal.

The Federer and Nadal match went so far with its awesomeness and the way

both players managed to play the match at a very high level.

John McEnroe gives verdict on Federer’s performance Embed from Getty Images

Although Federer won the match in 4 sets and played a big match against Nadal,

but He had a weird 2nd set with the He played many fans thought Federer wouldn’t

come back to the back with the momentum He had in the first set.

John McEnroe revealed that He has never seen Federer playing with that level in his career,

they way his rhythm went down was incredible and let people ask many questions.

Besides that, The retired American praised Federer for dealing with the nerves

especially at the beginning and how tough the first was between the big two.

“It was semi-inevitable to go to a tie-break, it was big for Roger to win that first set.

John mentioned that Federer did not lose a set at Wimbledon with 6-1 or 6-0 before

and in the S-Final He did, so that was arguably to see it happening.

“That was arguably, I don’t think Roger has ever lost a set at Wimbledon 6-1 or 6-0.

“That could have been the worst set I’ve ever seen him play,” John said

“A key point in the match for me was early in the third, that he was able to shrug that off.

John McEnroe gives verdict on Federer’s performance Embed from Getty Images

John also mentioned a note that this match wasn’t at the level of 2008 for him,

moreover, the end of the match was sort of it which converted the match to a high level.

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“But all in all, it wasn’t at the level for me of the 2008 fine. But the way it ended sort of made up for everything.”

at the end of his interview, McEnroe praised Federer for playing a great match,

besides taking the chances for winning the match, besides dealing with the nerves in such match.

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